15 Dec 16

Michelin Pilot Sport EV2 tyre awarded for innovation

The Michelin Pilot Sport EV2 has been recognised by the AutoMoto magazine Awards for the innovation it has brought to the arena of race tyres.

The EV2 – is the evolution of the first racing tyre designed to compete in both dry and wet conditions – and was developed specifically for the third FIA Formula E Championship [2016/2017].

As a founding partner of this series for electric single-seaters which was first organised in 2014/2015, Michelin is the exclusive tyre supplier to the championship. The decision to create an 18-inch, low-profile treaded race tyre, means the EV2 is not only more relevant to the road tyres Michelin sells, it's also more efficient.

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Carrying over the original’s long-life compound was one of the priorities for the second-generation Pilot Sport EV, but the engineers were also tasked with combining the tyre’s inherent durability with reduced rolling resistance.

Energy efficiency is effectively one of the cornerstone values championed by Formula E and requires the teams to maximise how they use the power stored in their cars’ batteries.

As a result, the EV2 (front: 245/40 R 18 / rear: 305/40 R 18) is 11 per cent lighter than the original tyre, which equates to a weight-saving of five kilograms per set of four, with the front and rear covers tipping the scales at 1.1kg and 1.4kg lighter respectively.

Meanwhile, their rolling resistance has been lowered by 16 per cent, providing the drivers with the capacity to complete one extra lap per race compared with the first-generation tyre.

By Andrew van de Burgt