07 May 15

Stephane Sarrazin Twitter Q&A

We asked the fans to put their questions to Venturi driver Stephane Sarrazin via Twitter. Here's the best of the questions and what the French driver had to say ahead of the Monaco ePrix...

Q: Last weekend you were racing in WEC, this weekend it’s Formula E – you’re also developing the WRC Toyota – how do you adapt between one car and the next? From John Smith ‏@Fe_eFan 

"I'm doing it all the time, the three cars are very different so it's not a big problem. After a few laps I'm on the pace, all the time it's very intersting and I'm constantly learning. The racing is helping the rallying and vice versa."

Q: Since you started Formula E testing, how much has the way you drive the car changed? From Phillipe Boudin @boudin01

"The car improved a lot since the Donington tests, the set-up but also the battery usage and understanding how to manage the power."

Q: Which do you think is more competitive WEC or Formula E? Stephane Russo @giants34

"It's completely different cars, the WEC is a hybrid so not full electric so we also have a normal fuel engine, more downforce and more top speed. Formula E races on street circuits which is very challenging, with very narrow tracks so can be very tricky."

Q: It’s been a tough season so far for you and Venturi. Why is that? Jennifer Crossley @gp_fsc1

"We had a lot of reliability issues and some mistakes during the pit stop when we change cars, we could have many more championship points but it is part of the learning process unfortunately. We still have five races to go and we have to finish on the top position to show our real level!"