China Racing to run NEXTEV powertrain

China Racing will run a powertrain built by Chinese EV technology firm NEXTEV in season two of the FIA Formula E Championship.

NEXTEV were one of the eight manufacturers selected to build components for season two, when the regulations regarding the powertrain are opened up to allow competition.

China Racing has released some technical details of the new powertrain, which will run dual e-motors with dual controllers, and a gearbox configuration that maximizes efficiency in both drive and regeneration modes. 

The build process is now underway, with season two testing starting on August 10.

Steven Lu, CEO of China Racing: “These are tremendously exciting times for Team China Racing. NEXTEV is our technology development company and we already have several new EV powertrain programs for automotive and commercial vehicle OE’s, as well as building two complete sets of battery electric race cars for racing in China. 

“Formula E is the ideal testing and development platform for us because this is world class competition, and we are passionate about world class performance on and off track. EV technology development in China is still in early stage and through NEXTEV we intend to play a leading role in this market.”