19 Mar 15

Agag addresses students in Long Beach

Students at Long Beach State University received a special guest lecture with Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag.

Ahead of round six of the FIA Formula E Championship on the iconic streets of Long Beach, Agag spoke about the development of the series from an original idea to today’s global racing competition.

“Two years ago, there were no cars, no teams, no sponsors and no circuits. Long Beach will be our second city in America and we are very much focused on a different approach to motorsport that is open to families and creating the next generation of motorsport fans,” said Agag.

To wrap up the class, Agag took nearly 40 minutes of questions from the students that ranged from the overall state of the business of motorsport to technical questions about the unique challenges of designing the battery housing of the Formula E car.

He said: “You could see in our first race very clearly the importance of our attention to the design of the battery housing. There was a spectacular crash in the final lap – most importantly the driver was perfectly safe – but afterwards, the battery still indicated normal readings.”

Agag concluded by talking about how the focus of Formula E goes beyond the track. “Formula E is the future – we not only want to be the future of motorsport but fundamentally change how the public sees electric vehicles.”

The Long Beach ePrix takes place on Saturday April 4 with free admission for fans.