01 Apr 15

Jerome D’Ambrosio – Q&A

Jerome D’Ambrosio has been a solid performer in Formula E this season picking up points on a regular basis and currently sits seventh in the drivers’ standings. The Dragon Racing driver finished in a season’s best fourth place in Miami but what does he expect at the team’s home race in Long Beach…

You’ve had a very consistent year so far and currently sit seventh in the drivers’ standings, how would you sum up the season so far with Dragon?

“I think like you said we’ve had a pretty consistent year picking up points at nearly every race, we had some bad luck in Argentina, but apart from that we’ve managed to pick up plenty of points. We made a good step finished fourth in Miami but there’s clearly lots of little things that we could have made much better. That’s very encouraging for us though, knowing that we are heading in the right direction with the car. Every track is new so every race you keep learning new things.”

How far away do you think you are from a first podium finish?

“Well to be honest I think that when we get things right and I continue to progress from my side with energy management we could be close. In Miami we didn’t really maximise our race and we were only one place away, we haven’t got it yet but I think performance wise we are there. Hopefully we can get a podium soon and also look to fight for the win!”

What was it like racing for Dragon in Miami, being an American team…

“It was really good. We had lots of guests there and it’s important for us being an American team to perform well and show people what we are capable of. I think we can do even better so I look to do that at our home race in Long Beach. Formula E racing in cities is just great and in some series you get one or two races like Miami every year but in Formula E it’s always a great spectacle with intense racing.”

One particularly impressive performance from you this year was in Putrajaya where you started from the back of the grid after being disqualified for excessive power usage, but you fought your way back to fifth. How are you enjoying driving the Formula E car?

“What’s great is racing with experienced drivers from other series and the racing is incredible. It’s been a long time since we’ve all had so much fun on track. Starting 18th or 19th you know you still have a chance to fight your way forward. Managing the energy is so crucial and I find it exciting to be a part of this championship.”

What do you make of the track in Long Beach?

“I’ve seen the track and driven it on the simulator. All the tracks are interesting for Formula E as you’ve seen with the races we’ve had so far. It’s not only about the track but also the location, the tracks are slightly different from one to another but with Formula E it’s about the city and country we visit. In terms of the racing it will be good no matter what! That’s what it’s like in Formula E. In other categories you might just find yourself driving alone or making one overtaking move per race. The format and the way the cars are always seems to deliver.”

If you continue this sort of form what is your aim for the championship?

“Well I think with the results so far and how tight it is, anything is possible. I’m 33 points off the top and I can nearly pick that up in one weekend if all goes my way. We have to aim to win and fight for the championship and that’s what is great about Formula E, it’s so open and unpredictable.”