Tech Focus: Students set new electric car speed record

The potential of electric racing cars has been demonstrated once again as a group of Swiss students produced an EV racer that can out-accelerate an F1 car to 100 km/h.

The AMZ Racing Team, which is comprised of students from ETH Zurich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, set a new record for electric car acceleration when its ‘grimsel’ creation hit 100 kmh in under 30 meters or 1.785s – a whopping 0.3s faster than the previous best.

‘Grimsel’ is built from carbon-fibre and weighs 168kg. It is powered by four wheel-hub motors that produce about 200bhp (147kW) in total. To harness the stunning 1630Nm of torque, each wheel has an individual traction control system.

The previous record of 2.13s was set by students from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.