Christian Danner: "The amount of grip was a big surprise"

Ex-Formula 1 racer Christian Danner was ‘pleasantly surprised’ after testing the Formula E Spark-Renault at Donington Park last week.

The veteran of 35 Grand Prix – who is now an ambassador for series partner DHL – had just a single run during the first official test, but it was enough to leave a positive impression.

“I was very pleasantly surprised because you have a certain amount of prejudice: is it going to work? What will it be like?

“But once you actually get your arse into the car you realise that, number one, it's just a racing car. It does have a lot of grip from the tyres, which was a big surprise because when you look at them that appears impossible.”

Danner now works as a Formula 1 pundit for German TV and he reckons Formula E has the potential to appeal to a whole new fan base.

“It is very different and you shouldn't do too much comparison to other racing series. It's unique and therefore you [can] attract a lot of other new people to our sport.

“I love racing whether it's an electric motor or a combustion engine, I don't care, for me it's a racing car. And this is a very good way to get to hook up with a lot of people who weren't interested [in racing] before.”