Formula E and UNICEF

Formula E partners with UNICEF in support of Safe and Healthy Environment Fund
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Together, for the next generation

Children are the least responsible for climate change and yet they will bear the greatest burden of its impact. We want to harness the drive and determination of children and empower them to create a better world by directly supporting programmes around the globe that drive sustainable progress and education.

That's why from April 2021, we started a three-year partnership in support of UNICEF’s Safe and Healthy Environment Fund, which aims to create a sustainable, safe and clean environment for children.

Formula E, like UNICEF, wants to accelerate positive change around the world, with its #ChangeAccelerated campaign to ensure children and young people grow up on a cleaner, safer planet.

'Climate Change Is The Most Urgent Global Challenge Of Our Time'

Ewan McGregor, Actor and UNICEF UK ambassador, on how UNICEF and Formula E are using their shared mission to create a safer and cleaner world for future generations.

Accelerating positive change

Funding from Formula E will contribute to programmes and policy actions to improve the wellbeing of over three million children. Projects supported by the Fund include initiatives to provide schools with sustainable energy solutions and reduce child exposure to air pollution through increased monitoring and advocacy.

Racing for a cleaner future, faster

According to UNICEF, children are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change. Nearly 160 million live in areas of high or extremely high drought severity, over half a billion in high or extremely high flood occurrence zones and an estimated two billion in areas where air pollution levels exceed standards set by the World Health Organisation.

A sport designed for fans of the future and aligned to the FIA’s PurposeDriven movement, Formula E feels a responsibility to protect this next generation and will use its global platform to raise awareness of and amplify UNICEF’s work.

Join Formula E and support UNICEF in helping children affected by climate change