Remi Akande

Content creator

A breath of fresh air to the industry, Remi Akande is a fully-fledged content creator with a relentless drive for success, never taking his foot off the pedal.

Expressing himself through the highest quality photography, videography and written word, Remi has established himself as a professional and respected name, building his personal brand over the last few years.

Alongside completing his law degree, Remi set up a successful Fashion events & PR agency, MCR Fashion Industry. His personal brand grew exponentially from this, helping him to launch his own personal platform and make an impact across social media. An outlet to share his personal style, opinion and personality, ‘The Style Lawyer’ was born with his blog transitioning into content across Instagram and more.

Alongside all of this, Remi is a regular in the world of Fashion Week, being invited to attend London, Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Week, with his opinion on trends being highly regarded as a writer for international fashion magazines.

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