Nadir Nahdi

Presenter and documentary maker

Nadir Nahdi is a presenter and documentary maker from London. He is part Indonesian, Yemeni, Pakistani and Kenyan.

In 2018, Nadir was chosen to be an honorary member of the YouTube Creators for Change programme, an initiative set up to encourage more positive content on their platform. Nadir was also named one of Evening Standard Magazine’s 2019 most influential Londoners and has been appointed a 2020 TED Fellow.

Nadir is the founder of BENI, a creative diversity network that produces video and events for companies looking to tap into untold stories from around the globe from misrepresented audiences.

Nadir is also the founder of Beni Running Club (BRC) currently sponsored by Nike in London and Berlin. BRC is for the B Team: those who were never first to be picked; a space for people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions to feel comfortable running.

Nadir is a confident speaker with great panel and event experience. In October 2019, he discussed youth migration on a panel for the UN International Dialogue on Migration in Geneva, and in January 2020, Nadir spoke in Bangkok at the Asia-Pacific UN development programme in partnership with YouTube.

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