Why Sustainability

Part of Our DNA

At Formula E, we are racing to make electric mobility a global reality. With each race we are reinventing motorsport, combining purpose with passion in the world’s first fully-electric international single-seater racing series. The series was created to work towards a solution to improve air quality in city centres and fight climate change.

We seek to break down the barriers to the electric vehicle market by driving technology, changing perceptions and stimulating infrastructure. Delivering entertainment across the globe, we reach a broad audience in an innovative way, inspiring generations to adopt sustainable mobility.

fans listen to a talk about Formula E cars

Our Vision and Objectives

At Formula E, we have integrated this sustainability mind-set into every action we take as we aspire to accelerate change towards an electric future, one race and one city at a time. Through the championship, we aim to raise awareness and inspire change in sustainable practises, contributing to reducing global emissions and our impact on the environment.

To help achieve our vision of sustainable mobility, we challenge conventional thinking and focus on breaking down barriers to the electric vehicle market by:

Pushing technology innovation:

We provide a competitive platform to test and develop road-relevant technologies and refine the design and functionality of electric vehicle components.

Raising awareness and changing perceptions about electric vehicles:

  • Bringing thrilling motorsport entertainment to the heart of iconic cities
  • Educating on the environmental, social and economic benefits of electric vehicles
a child plays at the Allianz E-Village at a Formula E event

Stimulating the implementation of needed infrastructure:

  • Hosting the FIA Smart Cities initiative to advance the development of more sustainable, safer and more connected cities green and blue logo of the fia smart cities program
  • Working toward a low-carbon economy with a clear statement on sustainable mobility

Sustainable Mobility

We believe the future of sustainable mobility can be expressed in 5 words:

Electric: We promote the awareness and use of electric vehicles because they are the future of sustainable transportation, the key to lowering global greenhouse gas emissions in the transport industry and part of the solution to improving air pollution in city centres.

Clean: We support the transition to low carbon economies, societies and transportation through the advocacy of clean fuels. Our cars are charged with a 100% renewable glycerine fuel and we are committed to RE100, with a target to power all our events with 100% renewable energy by 2020.

Connected: We seek to drive the future of fully integrated smart cities and utilise technological innovation to enhance our behaviour when driving, such as Qualcomm's HALO wireless charging technology, which is integrated into the BMW i safety and medical cars.

Shared: We encourage the use of public transport to all our races, which is why we don’t provide parking at our events. From enhanced and cleaner public transport to the shift to shared vehicle ownership, we believe the future foresees growth in electric vehicle sharing as a solution to reduce global emissions.

Driverless: We are constantly pushing the limits of technology in sports. Starting from season 3, Roborace puts driverless vehicles to the ultimate test to accelerate their technological development.

Formula E believes that the evolution of transportation will see fleets become self-driven, electric and shared.