Open Talent Call: Mentors

Meet the mentors guiding the Final Four

As the Open Talent Call for Presenters moves into the final stages, four mentors will be joining our finalists as they navigate through the tough presenting challenges at the official pre-season test in Valencia.

Michael Gunning

“Anyone can give up but keep striving to achieve your goals. Whether you’re told you can’t swim or can’t be a presenter – prove them wrong because it feels so good!”

Professional swimmer and presenter, Michael Gunning is known for his accolades in the pool for both Team Jamaica and Team GB, but it was an appearance in the award-winning television series 'The Bi Life', the UK's first bisexual dating show that brought him to a wider audience, making him the Caribbean’s first openly gay athlete/swimmer in competition.

Since then, Michael is a regular pundit and avid speaker for the sport and his charismatic personality has led him to various TV shows. He volunteers his spare time as a Stonewall UK Sporting Champion and Athlete Ally Ambassador fighting for Diversity and Inclusion within sport.

Michael joins the Open Talent Call for Presenters as the mentor for Alexa Rendell.

Keep checking back as we announce each of the four mentors ahead of the official pre-season test in Valencia