Derin Adetosoye

Age: 21 years old
Occupation: Incoming MA Broadcast Journalism Student at City, University of London

A love for being in front of the camera and public speaking has lead Derin's dream of working as a presenter from a young age. A believer in following your dreams and passions, she has already started this journey by setting up her own YouTube channel, co-hosting a web-series for BBC Bitesize and presenting films for the British Council.

Derin has a 'work hard, play hard' ethos, and when off-camera she can be found at Brands Hatch with her father, she even celebrated her 13th birthday at the legendary British circuit. Derin is a strong supporter of climate change and believes she embodies Formula E’s #PositvelyCharged mantra.

Derin's one piece of advice...

“It can be so easy to get caught up in other people’s opinions or expectations of what you should and shouldn’t do, however I think staying in your lane, remaining focused and listening to what that voice inside of your head is telling you, is what’s most important to truly be happy.”

Derin's entry video

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