Alexa Rendell

Age: 19
Occupation: TV Production Apprentice

Growing up, Alexa had dreams of becoming a journalist, but after watching the London 2012 Olympics she was inspired to become a presenter. Rowing was her favourite of the Olympic disciplines, and she even tried her hand at rowing for the first time during the lockdown.

Alexa finds a real thrill in trying new activities and saw lockdown as an opportunity for exactly this; she interned with a magazine, completed an online course in the history of football and now runs the social media account for a short film project.

Alexa's one piece of advice...

“No matter when you grew up, young people get blamed for a lot, and this generation is no exception. With a bit of faith in us, I have a strong belief that the uniqueness, openness and excitement of this generation is going to change the world for the better and I cannot wait to see what we do!”

Alexa's entry video

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