Aiden Vincent

Age: 19
Occupation: Student 

Aiden's friends describe him as being a ‘confident, hardworking and a funny lad, who's a little bit mental’. He enjoys experiencing new activities and takes every opportunity in life, so he can one day regale his future grandchildren with exciting stories.

Growing up in a racing family, Aiden dreamt of being a Formula 1 driver. However, he soon realised one of his strengths was making people laugh and smile, which inspired him to start his own YouTube channel.

Aiden's mindset changed when...

"I realised: 'Nobody cares about you as much as you care about you' - Whilst on the surface this statement could seem like it gives off a bad message, to me it made me realise that I should be more confident in both myself and my abilities."

Aiden's entry video

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