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As DHL and Formula E join up to be Together Green, alongside championing local work and searching for sustainability heroes, we're aiming to leave a lasting legacy in the cities we visit

air quality improving art

A building-sized, Pollution absorbing mural in Mexico City

Celebrating the Together Green initiative, Formula E and DHL created an inspiring mural on an epic scale, coating the side of a building in the Mexican capital. This mural isn't just any old piece of artwork placed in a prominent location to raise awareness, it uses a special paint that purifies pollution in the city.

Together Green mural Mexico City

The magic behind this mural that makes it more than just a decorative coating on the side of the building is from the photocatalytic paint. This air purifying artwork eliminates substances that are harmful to health through a natural process, and it does not contain any petroleum-derived additives making it respectful of the environment.

The mural covers a huge 352m2 space and it is expected to absorb 3.22kg of CO2 per week, giving a total of 84kg for the six months that it will be in place - putting this into perspective it is approximately the equivalent of 280 trees planted and 27.7 cars eliminated in Mexico City.

Created by artist Reez Ruiz, who worked with legendary musician Roger Waters for his concert in Mexico City, the mural is on a building in the Roma neighbourhood of the Mexican capital and took seven days to paint with eleven buckets each containing 19 litres.

Formula E FIA Girls on Track

helping empower young girls in motorsports

Starting in Season 8, DHL has joined as a global partner for the Formula E FIA Girls on Track initiative. Introducing young women to the variety of opportunities in motorsports, DHL will play a key role in showcasing their function within the world of motorsport  with a series of workshops at the Formula E events.

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Enter the Together Green Award for the chance to win €10,000 & join us at the season finale in Seoul. The award sets out to recognise sustainability heroes from all over the world who are doing their part to make the world a better place.

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