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2021 ABB New York City E-Prix

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Formula E in New York City

Since the inaugural New York City E-Prix in 2017, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship has put an emphasis on reaching out to the local community and providing them with a wealth of activities to experience the championship and be involved in the event.

Since that first race, and on a year-round basis, Formula E has actively engaged in opportunities that have met the local community where they currently live and work, as well as brought new opportunities to the surrounding area.

Examples of Formula E’s outreach to the community include

Support through the pandemic

Despite the NYC E-Prix being cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Formula E provided $50,000 worth of grants to local non-profit organisations who were on the front lines of providing food and vital services to their neighbours throughout the pandemic.

Recruitment drive

In 2019, Formula E established a community employment program that has resulted in hundreds of hours of paid employment for local residents during race week. The roles, predominantly filled by young adults from the host community, include prominent positions in the Media Centre, Accreditation Centre and the Allianz E-Village.

New York City
New York City

School visits

Bringing a Formula E race car and NYC E-Prix executives to community events and schools, including: Earth Day-related visits at Public School 15, Public School 295 school classes visiting our Brooklyn-based office, technology and sports business discussions at automotive-focused high schools in all five boroughs of New York City, and a community street fair in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Going behind the scenes

Behind-the-scenes access through tickets and tours to local non-profit organisations, youth groups, and neighbourhood residents, including those participating with these local organisations: Red Hook Housing Development, Red Hook Initiative, Brooklyn Greenway, Red Hook Rise, Cora Dance and Cooper Union Engineering School.
New York City
New York City

Raising awareness

To help build awareness for important organisations and campaigns, Formula E designed and funded E-Village booths for both PortSide New York and the UNEP #BreatheLife campaign. PortSide New York continues to use the materials from their booth to educate New York City residents about the importance of an open and accessible waterfront.

Next generation

Formula E created and funded a scholarship program that would provide funding to two students that were interested in pursuing a college degree in engineering or sports management. In 2019, two scholarships were awarded to Brooklyn students that used their funds to cover first year college expenses.

New York City
New York City

Auctions and Plant sales

Formula E has contributed to a variety of fundraisers in NYC. Most recently, tickets to the New York City E-Prix were donated for a silent auction. This sale was in aid of local initiatives such as Cora Dance, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, Friends of PS15 and the Red Hook Initiative. On top of this, Formula E vendor, EventStar led a plant sale that raised funds for local charities.