Santiago, Chile|06 Feb, 2018

DHL Driver of the Day

Being a driver in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship isn't exactly a walk in the park. On top of wrestling an all-electric single seater through the city streets, there's 19 other cars and drivers to think about, as well as, err, the small question of winning.

But, as we've seen over the past four seasons, the real star of the show isn't necessarily the winner. With that in mind, DHL and Formula E are giving you the chance to vote for your driver of the day throughout Season Four.

How do I vote?
At the end of each race, vote for your driver of the day on Formula E's Instagram stories. Once 24 hours is up and the story disappears, the driver with the most votes wins. Not exactly rocket science, is it?

Once a winner has been chosen, we'll clip up a nifty little highlights reel of their best bits and share it across all our social media platforms as well as here, in our very own Driver of the Day hall of fame.

Round 4 - 2018 Antofagasta Minerals Santiago E-Prix

Andre Lotterer, Techeetah
After joining the world of all-electric racing ahead of Season Four, it's taken just four races for Andre Lotterer to find a place on the penultimate step of the podium after finishing second in Santiago alongside his teammate Jean-Eric Vergne.

Coming from an endurance racing background, where he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans three times as well as the 2012 World Championship Title with Audi's works team, Lotterer's transition to all-electric racing hasn't been easy. "It’s the most challenging thing I have done," he said after his debut race in Hong Kong.

"The brain is working overtime," said Lotterer, still coming to terms with not just his first podium but also his first points in Santiago. "Some people say these cars are not that quick but believe me, when you're driving in between these concrete walls, it feels just as quick as Le Mans, or anything I've ever driven," he added. "You can't make any mistakes here....I'm still finding out how to race. It's a different game here in Formula E."