London, UK|08 Feb, 2017

Formula E releases latest sustainability report

The FIA Formula E Championship - the world’s first fully-electric single-seater racing series - has released the findings from its season two sustainability report. 

Building on the strong foundations that Formula E put in place for sustainability in season one, the all-electric city street racing series has made significant progress in improving its management systems. In conjunction with the FIA Institute it has implemented its Environmental Management System, and is very proud to have become the first championship to receive the highest level of environmental accreditation, the Achievement of Excellence.

In season two we received first party certification at the 2016 Visa London ePrix for the International Standard of Event Sustainability, the ISO 20121. We are working on certifying the entire championship in season four. The implementation represents our next steps towards a more holistic approach to ensure a positive impact not only on the environment, but also social inclusivity and economic prosperity. Other events that have achieved this certification are the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics, the French Open and the UEFA Euro 2016.

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Formula E, said: “The future of transport and mobility is electric, autonomous and connected. This is a revolution. Formula E is going to shape the way we are going to drive our cars in the future.” 

Here is how Formula E has worked to keep sustainability at the forefront of its activities during season two: 

- Formula E is fighting global warming by offering a solution to air quality in city centres

- So far we have increased the battery’s efficiency by 25 per cent, and by season five the intention will be to have doubled that figure

– Formula E were proud to be awarded the Low Carbon Transport of the Year and as Sustainability of the Year and Company of the year at the British Renewable Energy Awards

– We were awarded the ISO 20121 at the 2016 Visa London ePrix for the International Standard of Event Sustainability

- Over the next 25 years Formula E will help to sell an additional 77 million electric vehicles worldwide

- 80 per cent of our power needs were from renewable sources at the 2016 Visa London ePrix

- For every basket of fruit we receive in our bi-weekly delivery of fruit to our HQ, the Fruitful Office have planted one guava or papaya tree in Malawi

- By season five we will be the first championship to achieve carbon neutrality

- We raised over $1.2 million for our Official and International Foundation partners the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and One Drop

- Project Ice was the start of a scientifically backed expedition into research, studies and raising awareness on the issues of global warming, the melting ice caps and rising sea levels

To read the full sustainability report from season two, click here >>